Blueberry & Almond Cake

Blueberries and Almonds are a lovely subtle combination especially in this lovely tray bake. The great joy with this recipe is how simple it is and how quickly you can make it.

I have made this with both frozen and fresh blueberries and for my money unless its summer and the blueberries are super ripe and in season I would use frozen every time. The only thing I would say is that if you use frozen blueberries stud the cake with the blueberries whilst frozen and allow them to defrost in the cake for 20 minutes before dusting with the demerara sugar and baking. Mad as it seems there is a really good reason for this.

I found when I placed frozen blueberries into the cake and baked immediately the blueberries migrated towards the centre of the tray and left the sides lacking in blueberries. I think this is because the blueberries are heavier than the batter and they move in the batter as it warms up prior to setting in the oven. A small point but it makes a big difference to the distribution of the fruit in the cake.

This recipe is one of the 36 recipes I have been developing for my next book, I decided to do my café cakes book next and put the macaron book on hold while I finish it. This recipe is one of the 32 that is in the final book and I am deciding which ones to drop and which ones to keep. This one however I love! So there is no way I could miss it out.

Like most cakes it tastes better the next day, the flavour and moisture really comes though. It goes beautifully with coffee as a mid-morning snack or as a small slice of cake for afternoon tea.


The Recipe

Blueberry & Almond Cake

15 pieces

200g softened unsalted butter
200g caster sugar
¼ tsp almond extract
4 medium eggs
125g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
125g ground almonds
200g blueberries (fresh or frozen)
50g demerara sugar

The Method

1. Line a 30cm x 20cm brownie tin with parchment paper and place aside.
2. Place the butter, caster sugar and almond extract into a bowl.
3. Using a hand held electric whisk cream the butter, sugar and flavour.
4. Cream until quite light then add the eggs one at a time.
5. After adding the last egg whisk until smooth.
6. Scrape the bowl down and mix together until smooth with a maris.
7. Sift the flour and baking powder into the bowl.
8. Add the ground almonds and mix together until smooth.
9. Scrape the mixture into the tin and spread level.
10. Scatter the blueberries evenly over the cake starting from the outside.
11. Sprinkle the 50g of demerara sugar over the cake.
12. Bake at 170° for 30-35 minutes.
13. When a skewer comes out clean remove from the oven.
14. Place aside to cool for 30 minutes then lift the cake out with the paper.
15. Place into an airtight box until the next day.
16. To serve trim off the edges and cut the cake into 15 pieces 5 x 3.

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