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Tim’s Books Available from Amazon

Biscuits and Cookies Book Cover Inserts

Biscuits & Cookies is the first book by award winning pastry chef, baker & chocolatier Tim Fisher. This beautiful collection of 32 recipes from custard creams, jammie dodgers to unique creations including snickers bar cookies and coconut crumble biscuits.
These addictive recipes are certain to please all biscuit and cookie lovers everywhere. Filled with beautiful photographs, techniques and tips to guide you. Tim is a widely respected pastry chef and winner of dessert of the year and currently runs hands on pastry classes in Surrey, UK.

Cafe Cakes Book Cover Inserts

Café cakes is Tim’s third book following Biscuits & Cookies in 2018 and Tarts & Pies in 2019. This book is packed with ultimate versions of classic cakes and original creations by Tim including Victoria sandwich, lime & coconut cake, salted caramel cake, raspberry cake, Battenberg & Tim’s amazing brownie recipe.
32 Fantastic dishes from an award winning pastry chef with clear easy to follow recipes with lots of tips for equipment, ingredients and baking methods. There are also sections on baking, cake storage and techniques to help improve your baking skills and make perfect cakes time and time

Tarts and pies Book Cover Inserts

Tarts and Pies is packed full of wonderful recipes ranging from ultimate versions of lemon meringue pie, treacle tart, banoffi pie and a gorgeous baked chocolate tart to some of Tim’s unique creations including caramel tart, baked lime tart and blueberry cream cheese tart.

Fabulous dishes from an award winning pastry chef with clear recipes and useful tips on pastry making, blind baking, equipment & ingredients. There are also helpful sections on techniques so you can perfect your pastry making and baking to get perfect results time and again

Macarons Book Cover Inserts

Macarons and Macaroons is Tim’s fourth book following Biscuits & Cookies in 2018, Tarts & Pies in 2019 and Café Cakes published earlier this year. This book contains 32 of Tim’s tried and tested recipes including superb recipes for classic English macaroons and 28 French Macarons with unique and beautiful fillings including salted caramel, liquorice, peach melba, vanilla, violet, pistachio, rhubarb & custard and many more.

There are also sections on where to purchase the ingredients and a step by step guide with pictures of how to make the perfect macaron to ensure perfect results time and time again. 32 Fantastic recipes from an award winning pastry chef with clear easy to follow recipes with lots of unique tips and helpful information.


Ice Creams & Sorbets is Tim’s 5th book after the publication of Biscuits & Cookies, Tarts & Pies, Café cakes, Macarons & Macaroons. This beautiful book contains recipes for custard based classic ice creams and beautiful sorbets as well as some recipes not requiring an ice cream machine so something for everyone. Tim’s unique recipes include rum & raisin, coconut sorbet, passion fruit and banana sorbet, salted caramel ice cream, honeycomb ice cream, pralines & cream ice cream with sections on how to make the perfect ice cream from scratch with a guide to ice cream machines and equipment.

A very hands on book to show you how to master the techniques to make beautiful home made sorbets and ice creams.

Available in Paperback & Hardcover

Tim’s Pastry Club Christmas is Tim’s seventh book and includes sweet & savoury dishes perfect for Christmas including: butternut squash & parmesan tart, Dundee cake, plum pudding truffles, Daim bar, mulled wine jellies, stilton shortbreads, chocolate lollipops, Christmas tree cupcakes and Bramley apple crumble tart with clotted cream.

This beautiful collection of recipes uses the best of the seasonal ingredients including recipes for canapés, tarts, cakes, puddings, biscuits & confectionery perfect for entertaining over the Christmas holidays.


Chocolates and truffles is Tim’s sixth book after the publication of Biscuits & Cookies, Tarts & Pies, Café Cakes, Macarons & Macaroons and Ice Creams & Sorbets. 

his beautiful collection of recipes shows you how to master hand-made truffles and filled chocolates with step by step instructions for perfect results.

There are sections on ingredients, methods and equipment with advice on how to temper and work with chocolate.

Here for the first time are Tim’s original recipes including double caramel, Baileys, orange & Grand Marnier, coconut, lime, strawberries & cream hand-dipped dark chocolates and crunchy hazelnut praline. Recipes range from simple hand rolled Java milk chocolates to exquisitely decorated filled chocolates.